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1956 Eshelman Model 200

Cheston L. Eshelman was a producer of garden tractors, rotary tillers, and a crude, powered scooter. This agricultural equipment background provided the context for four small rudimentary vehicles produced by the company, called the Sport Car, Child's Sport Car, Adult Sport Car and later Model 200.

This Model 200 is all - electric and most likely was marketed as a Child's Car

Unlike the other Heavy Steel and Cast Iron Cars, this has a Fiberglas Body and a wooden chassis (actually just a flat piece of plywood).

Manufacturer: Eshelman Motor Co., Baltimore, MD U.S.A

Model: 200 Motor: Electric Body: Fiberglas
Years Built: 1956 No. Cylinders: n/a Chassis: Wood
No. Produced: N/A Displacement: n/a Suspension Front: None
No. Surviving: N/A Horsepower: 1 hp Suspension Rear: None
Length: 64" Gearbox: none Steering: Direct
Width: 36" Starter: none Brakes: 2 wheel paddle
Weight: 65 lb Electrics: 12 v 4 Wheels: 10 x 2.75"
Interior: Bench Ignition: none Top Speed: n/a

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