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1969 La Voiture Electronique Porquerolles

This unusual vehicle was introduced in 1969 as

"a revolutionary new means of locomotion adapted to the constraints of today’s lifestyle, for short hauls of 50m to 50km, for use by one or two people".

It was "electronic" as opposed to "electric" and its main feature was its use of a single central "joystick" that performed all functions: acceleration, deceleration, braking and steering. The control was called the Stil- after the classical Greek column- a symbol of purity, simplicity and elegance.

Designed by the brothers Jarret, for their company La Societe Voiture Electronique, it featured complex modern electronics controlling a pair of special electric motors- one at each wheel. By varying the current, one wheel turned at a different rate than the other- providing steering. The front wheel simply trailed along.

The strangely-named Porquerolles was followed by the CAB, essentially the same vehicle with a rudimentary roof and 60 volt electrics, and then by the COB, with a full body, 96 volt electrics, and finally a normal steering wheel.

Manufacturer: Societe La Voiture Electronique, France

Model: La Porquerolles

2 Motors: Jarret electr. Body : Polyester
Years Built: 1969-1972 No. Cylinders: Chassis: Steel
No. Produced: 200 Displacement: Suspension Front: None
No. Surviving: Horsepower: Susp. Rear: Rubber
Length: 1800 mm Gearbox: None Steering: Electronic
Width: 1100 mm Starter: None Brakes: Electronic
Weight: 200 kg Electrics: 48 v 3 Wheels:
Interior: 2 seats Ignition: Top Speed: 30 kph

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