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1953 CM-125 Mochet Luxe

The French Mochet was a truly timeless car, with a simplicity of design that remained faithful to Charles and his son Georges philosophy of "if it isn't there it can't break".

The car sold well, partly because a license was not required, and partly because the new postwar French cars from Citroen and Renault had a waiting period of years, compared to Mochet’s six weeks.

Mochet's primitive external contracting band brakes would continue to the end of production. Another stone-age feature was the gearbox separate from the motor. The feeble little Zurcher engine produced its 3.5 hp only after a very precise, exacting break-in period involving eleven five minute stops at carefully prescribed intervals. No wonder the Ydral engine was in the works.

Manufacturer: Etablissements Charles Mochet, Puteaux, France

Model: CM- 125 Luxe Motor: Zurcher, 2-str Body: Steel
Years Built: 1951 - 1953 No. Cylinders: 1 Chassis: Tube
No. Produced: 1250 Displacement: 125 cc Suspension Front: Coil
No. Surviving: n/a Horsepower: 3.5 Suspension Rear: Leaf Spring
Length: 2 400 mm Gearbox: 3 Steering: Spindles
Width: 1 130 mm Starter: Pull Brakes: Cable
Weight: 150 kg Electrics: 6 v 4 Wheels: 450-65
Interior: Bench Ignition: Magneto Top Speed: 40 kph

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