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1959 Opperman Unicar (model T)

Opperman, a tractor manufacturer in England saw the success of the Bond Minicar and decided to build a new Microcar for the British market.

The first model from Opperman was the Model "T" Unicar.
It looked like a larger sedan in miniature and was the cheapest car shown at the 1956 London Motor Show.

There was no front hood or rear trunk lid in the fiberglas body.

The engine was positioned in the middle of what should be the rear seat and 2 small "jump" seats are on either side of the engine "hump".

There was no differential for the rear wheels so they were placed closer together than the front wheels, in a manner similar to the Isetta, but not as extreme.

Unfortunately since it had 4 wheels, it was subject to a higher Road Tax in Britain as compared to a 3-wheeled vehicle.

In an attempt to make the car even More Affordable it was also offered in Kit Form!

Manufacturer: S.E. Opperman LTD. Boreham Wood, Herts, England

Model: Unicar (model T)

Motor: Excelsior, 2-stroke Body: Fiberglass
Years Built: 1956-1959 No. Cylinders: 2 Chassis: Steel Tube
No. Prod:~200 Displacement: 328 cc Suspension Front: Coil
No. Surviving: few Horsepower: 18 Suspension Rear: Coil
Length: 9' 6" Gearbox: 3 + rev Steering: Worm & Nut
Width: 4' 8" Starter: Dynastart Brakes: Cable
Weight: 317 kg Electrics: 12 v 4 Wheels: 4.80 x 12"
Interior: Bench + 2 rear Ignition: Coil Top Speed: 45 mph

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