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1938 Velocar Type H

This model was the final version of the pedal-powered Velocar as seen just before and after the Occupation of France by the Germans from 1940 to 1945. Along with the other models of Velocar that preceded it, it became virtually a symbol of the Occupation, and is remembered even today as such. It was the most sophisticated mode of transport available to a fuel-starved population, and owners were considered fortunate indeed.

This restored example is seen in its correct original painted plywood finish. It has the vertical "cut off" tail of the late models, ready to be fitted with a fuel tank and motor if so desired.

Manufacturer: Charles Mochet, inventor/constructeur, Puteaux, Seine, France

Model: Type H Motor:
2 parallel bicycle cranksets
driving rear axle through4-speed derailleur. Freewheel.
Body: Wood
Years Built: Mid 1930's Chassis: Steel
No. Produced: Suspension Front: Spring
No. Surviving: Handful Suspension Rear: None
Length: 2 100 mm Steering: Handlebars
Width: 1 260 mm Brakes: Cable, Rear
Weight: 80 kg Wheels: 450 by 55
Interior: Bench Top Speed: 10 - 30 kph

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